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  2. Harvesting. The harvest of such grain crops as corn, wheat, milo, sorghum, millet, sunflower, buckwheat and others may attract doves. During the harvest, seeds may fall to the ground and become available to wildlife. Hunting over normally harvested fields is legal.
  3. Dove hunting is usually an early season activity and often requires treks through thick ground cover or brush to locate the best shooting station or to retrieve downed birds. This means SNAKES and a pair of snake boots of snake proof chaps will mean a safer hunt and a greater focus on birds rather than feet.
  4. There is no closed season or bag limit restrictions for Eurasian collared-doves; however, it is recommended that plumage be left on these birds for identification purposes. Narrow black collar on nape of neck. White, squared tail underside. Pale gray body, black bill, red irises.
  5. The revival of interest in westerns can be traced to the premiere of the television mini-series Lonesome Dove. Adapted by Larry McMurtry from his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, the story of a mismatched pair of old cowboys setting out on a hazardous cattle drive continues to capture the imagination of audiences. Starring Robert Duvall as philosophical Gus McCrae and Tommy Lee Jones .
  6. Dove Hunting Regulations. Season Dates and Bag Limits; Interactive Dove Field Map; Limited Entry Dove Hunt Permits; Get Started Dove Hunting. Buy a Hunting License; Hunter Safety Information; New Hunter Information; Dove Hunting Tips; Dove Hunting Resources. ejsulvicattrandrakelimihetemlei.coinfo; WMA Harvest Reports; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Population Reports.
  7. MIGRATORY GAME BIRD HUNTING SEASONS DOVES. SEASON DATES: September 5 - October 28 (54 days) November 21 - November 29 (9 days) December 24 - January 19 (27 days) SHOOTING HOURS: September 5 Noon until sunset September 6 – October 28 ½ hr.
  8. In Leon County and on Lake Miccosukee, waterfowl hunting is permitted only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays during the Regular Duck Season (Nov. and Dec. 12 – Jan. 31) and on Nov. 26 and 27, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1 and However, Lake Talquin and the Ochlockonee River are open to hunting every day during the Regular Duck Season.
  9. The North Zone dove season will open on Labor Day weekend this year, a week earlier than most people are accustomed to. Sykes wants to get the word out well ahead of the season. “Most people, me included, typically think dove season opens in the North Zone the .

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