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  1. 2 days ago · “The surprise phone call, an email, a video catch-up, even a card or a letter with positive messages of love or support can make a big difference to our family members and our friends in Victoria who find themselves living under the restrictions,” Kidd said in a nationally televised news conference.
  2. Apr 08,  · A recent survey found as many as one in five people say they feel depressed as a result of using social media. That might come as a surprise to the generation under 30; social media is part of.
  3. 7 hours ago · Xinhua News Agency/Getty. China's exports for July jumped % thanks to rising demand for medical goods and automobiles as COVID restrictions relax around the world, data showed on Friday.
  4. This changeable nature of life makes it all the more interesting and surprising—if and when we perceive without judgment or expectations. Life is full of surprises. Every moment and every experience is new and unknown, until it passes. It’s within that fleeting, every so minuscule, fragment of time that life’s surprises unfold.
  5. Aug 03,  · In the past, the term “October Surprise” has almost always involved the Democrats turning up some last-minute dirt on a Republican. Perhaps the best-known of these was the revelation of a driving-while-under-the-influence charge (DWI) against Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush on Friday, November 3, , a mere three days Author: Larry Schweikart.
  6. Even More synonyms. Top synonyms for even more (other words for even more) are all the more, further and even greater.
  7. For all the legitimate focus on rising U.S.-Chinese tensions, this summer's sleeper surprise for the West is more likely to emerge from Vladimir Putin's Russia.
  8. More from G/O Media. Read on. It’s even more important now. I told you all in January: if you’re worried about the coronavirus—at that point it wasn’t in the US yet, but people were.

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